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Together we can work on a sustainable world. It’s a beautiful and inevitable challenge for the utility industry.


At ICE Utility Professionals you will work in an open and honest company culture. If you are keen to get to work, our clients will notice that. Their challenge is your challenge, and nothing is more fun than always finding the best solution together. That’s why we, as colleagues, are constantly working on our professional and personal development. Individually, as teams and within the organisation. That’s how we and you grow.


ICE Utility Professionals has offered solutions to companies in the utility industry since 2005. We do this in the form of people, innovation, knowledge and experience/expertise. We deliver, implement and provide service for and at every level. As a true knowledge hub, we focus on innovation and the movement towards data-driven services. That works, because in our 15-year existence we have grown into a team of more than 40 FTEs. We are proud of that, especially given that we also managed to preserve our open and honest ‘family culture’.


ICE Utility Professionals wants to achieve a lot with and within its team, but especially alongside and for the client. We link the right people to the companies and organisations for this. We map the challenges within an organisation accurately – attentively and from an experienced, expert vision. This means we always match the right professional to the right job. Do you want to be next?

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“As a knowledge hub, ICE Utility Professionals is committed to innovation and the movement towards data-driven services” 

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Practise what you preach.

We are working alongside you towards a sustainable world, and this starts with ourselves. That’s why we drive electric cars, have solar panels on our roofs, use electric heating methods and support charities like CliniClowns.

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