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Business & IT, Process & Performance, Data & Analytics and Operational Experts. You can grow continuously at ICE Utility Professionals within these four career paths. What drives you?

Business & IT

Do you want to improve and connect Business & IT? Then use your IT knowledge to improve the business processes and information systems of our clients and take them to a higher level. As a Business & IT Professional within ICE Utility Professionals, you will have the opportunity to focus on wonderful cases. You will often serve as a bridge between the users, management and the technical designers and managers of the information systems.

In this career path, we regularly have challenging projects such as functional administrator, test manager, scrum master, business consultant and many more. At ICE Utility Professionals you have the opportunity to constantly move and grow.

Operational Expert

As an Operational Expert at ICE Utility Professionals you are always aware of the relevant developments in your field and you keep your knowledge up-to-date. This admits you to the top of your field, solving complex issues and supporting your client.

In this career path, we regularly have projects in allocation & reconciliation, pricing & sourcing and trade. ICE Utility Professionals offers you the opportunity to keep moving. We help you grow.

Data & Analytics 

As an ICE Data & Analytics Professional you specialise in data analysis, a process where data is inspected, cleaned and modelled. This is how the most valuable information is extracted. You will focus on aggregating, providing, managing and analysing data, while providing advice on data issues.

In this career path, we regularly have challenging projects in data cleaning, data engineering, data and business analysis for BI Professionals, Data Scientists and many more functions. ICE Utility Professionals also offers you the opportunity to keep moving constantly within this career path. That lets you keep on growing!

Process & Performance

As a Process & Performance Professional you specialise in process management. You are involved in (re)formulating and achieving business objectives in the given, often rapidly changing, context. Optimising business processes and submitting and implementing process improvement plans are your passion.

We regularly have challenging projects to keep you stretching yourself. In this career path they occur with LEAN, Process Expert, Process Manager, Change Manager and much more. With Process & Performance, ICE Utility Professionals offers you the opportunity to keep moving constantly. Your growth is our goal.

“ICE always works on a sustainable relationship. Only then, can you build a valuable future together.”

We are working alongside you towards a sustainable world, and this starts with ourselves. That’s why we drive electric cars, have solar panels on our roofs, use electric heating methods and support charities like CliniClowns.

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