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Together we can work on a sustainable world. It’s a beautiful and inevitable challenge for the utility industry.


The energy market is constantly changing and evolving through the energy transition. In this market, knowledge, innovative strength and experience are crucial factors. To thrive and be successful in the future, each company needs its focus and specialists. That’s why ICE Professionals work exclusively in the utility industry for energy suppliers, balance responsible parties, metering companies, grid operators and water utilities. And they are all specialists in their fields: Business & IT, Process & Performance, Data & Analytics or Operational Experts. At the same time, ICE Professionals work closely together in teams. That means you will benefit from all the knowledge sharing within ICE Utility Professionals.

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Practice what you preach: ICE Utility Professionals

We are working together with you towards a sustainable world, and this starts with ourselves. That’s why we drive electric cars, have solar panels on the roof, use electric heating methods and support charities like CliniClowns.

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