ICE Utility Professionals offers multiple solutions in fields such as Business & IT, Process & Performance, Data & Analytics and Operational Experts. Got a challenging case for us?

Business & IT

Improve and integrate IT successfully into your business. Our people know exactly how.

Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics Professionals specialise in data analysis: a process where data is inspected, cleaned and modelled to obtain the most valuable information.

Operational Expert

An Operational Expert of ICE Utility Professionals is always aware of relevant developments within a specific field, keeping their knowledge of it up-to-date.

Process & Performance

The Process & Performance Professional specialises in process management, optimising business processes and submitting and implementing process improvement plans.

All ICE Professionals are certified

Our people are certified in one or more leading training courses, such as SQL, Tmap, BiSL, Prince2, LEAN, Scrum, and/or ISQTB. We have experience in the utility industry and familiarity with the most common utility applications and tools, such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Business Objects and Information Steward. We know the processes and work in accordance with the waterfall or scrum/agile method. No problem.

The team

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